Welcome on board

Welcome on board

Estonian Maritime Museum is the most popular museum in Estonia

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Race to the End of the Earth

Race to the End of the Earth

29 August 2015 – 3 April 2016

This large joint exhibition, organized by US, French and Canadian museums, is about one of the most dramatic chapters in the history of exploration: the story of conquering the South Pole.

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Welcome to Seaplane Harbour

Museum is open T–F 10.00–19.00

Race to the End of the Earth

29 August 2015 – 3 April 2016



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Repair-work at the museum

From November 9 to 13 museum plane simulator area is closed for repair work.

03. November


Seaplane Harbour now easier to access!

The road works at Kalaranna Street are finished. Our visitors can now access the Seaplane Harbour more conveniently than ever before, using an asphalted street.

15. September

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Vesilennuki tee 6, Tallinn

Open 10.00 - 19.00 (Tue-Sun)

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